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Overview Edit

Precision navigation and positioning (PNP) is a information-in-warfare (IIW) function that constantly supports other air and space operations as well as other IO functions. PNP gives operators the capability to precisely attack targets in sensitive areas. The ability to locate a target and then deliver accurate firepower through physical attack, for example, greatly reduces the number of aircraft and sorties required to neutralize or destroy a target. Likewise, PNP support to space operations increases the efficiency of space system operations and helps space systems respond accurately to requests for information. PNP can also help support IO such as ISR, PSYOP, and EW, for example, by providing accurate coordinates of adversary threat locations.

Source Edit

  • U.S. Air Force, Information Operations 34 (Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5) (Jan. 4, 2002) (full-text).

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