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In April 2013, the DOD proposed canceling the Missile Defense Agency's Precision Tracking Space System (PTSS) because of concerns with the program's high-risk acquisition strategy and long-term affordability. PTSS was intended to be a satellite system equipped with infrared sensors that would track ballistic missiles through their emitted heat.

The planned satellite system would consist of a constellation of nine satellites in orbit around the earth's equator. The decision to propose canceling the PTSS program was based on an evaluation of the acquisition, technical, and operational risks of the PTSS program. Specifically, DOD's evaluation assessed the PTSS cost, schedule, technical design, and acquisition strategy to identify whether risks could challenge the program's ability to acquire, field, and sustain the system within planned cost and schedule constraints. The evaluation also determined that the PTSS program had significant technical, programmatic, and affordability risks.

The program officially ceased operations in October 2013.

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