Overview Edit

The Precision Inertial Navigation Systems (PINS) program seeks to use ultra-cold atom interferometers as an alternative to GPS updates. Advancements in atomic physics in the past two decades have given scientists much better control over the external quantum states of atoms, including deliberate production of matter waves from ultra-cold atoms. This advancement has allowed development of matter wave interferometry techniques to measure forces acting on matter, including high-precision atomic accelerometers and gyroscopes. Using this technology, this program seeks to develop an inertial navigation system, which should have low unprecedented drift rates yet address many scientific and technical challenges. . . . Since this innovation is an entirely inertial system, it will require no transmissions to or from the platform, thus enabling a jam-proof, non emanating inertial navigation system with near-GPS accuracies for future military submarines, aircraft, and missiles.[1]

References Edit

  1. Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap FY2013-2038, at 52.

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