Definitions Edit

Physical access control(s)

focuses on restricting the entry and exit of users into or out of a physical area, such as a building or a room in a building. Physical access control techniques include devices such as locks that require a key to open doors or ID cards that establish an individual's authorization to enter a building.[1]
[include] the location of critically-sensitive components and material in controlled locations or facilities with physical security parameters in place to protect critical network nodes (e.g., communication circuits, termination points, entry points); alarms; intrusion detection within applications, operating systems, and at network layer; procedures required for attended and unattended operations of IS; regular checks of the hardware.[2]

References Edit

  1. Personal ID Verification: Agencies Should Set a Higher Priority on Using the Capabilities of Standardized Identification Cards, at 3.
  2. NSTISSAM INFOSEC 1-99, at 20.

References Edit

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