Citation Edit

Director of Central Intelligence, Directive 1/14 (DCID 1/14), Personnel Security Standards and Procedures Governing Eligibility for Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (July 2, 1998) (full-text) (superseded by DCID 6/4).

Overview Edit

This document lays out the governmentwide eligibility standards and procedures for access to Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) by all U.S. citizens, including government civilian and military personnel, contractors, and employees of contractors. The Directive requires (1) the employing agency to determine that the individual has a need to know; (2) the cognizant Senior Official of the Intelligence Community to review the individual's background investigation and reach a favorable suitability determination; and (3) the individual, once approved by the Senior Official of the Intelligence Community for SCI access, to sign a SCI nondisclosure agreement.

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