Definition Edit

Permanent access means that "Government information products within the scope of the FDLP remain available for continuous, no fee public access through the program."[1]

Overview Edit

Permanent access is required by 44 U.S.C. §1911:

Depository libraries not served by a regional depository library, or that are regional depository libraries themselves, shall retain Government publications permanently in either printed form or in microfacsimile form, except superseded publications or those issued later in bound form. . . ."

In the case of tangible information products, permanent access remains a responsibility of regional depository libraries, while in the case of remotely accessible Government information products, it is a responsibility of GPO to coordinate a distributed system that provides continuous, permanent public access.

References Edit

  1. Study to Identify Measures Necessary for a Successful Transition to a More Electronic Federal Depository Library Program, at 11.

Source Edit

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