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In 2011, the OMB established a single, performance-related website that is intended to provide both a public view into government performance to support transparency as well as providing executive branch management capabilities to enhance senior leadership decision making.

The site gives the public, government agencies, Members of Congress, the media, and others a view of the progress underway in cutting waste, streamlining government, and improving performance. provides information on the following areas of focus: governance structure Edit

The following is the governance structure:

  • Agencies. GPRAMA requires that agencies make their respective strategic plans, performance plans and reports, and information about their APGs (as applicable), including quarterly updates, available for publication on Twenty-two agencies have web pages on that provide links to their strategic plans, annual performance plans, and annual performance reports; report agency progress on government-wide management initiatives; and show agency contributions to the CAP goals. There are 31 additional agencies that do not have a dedicated web page on Instead, they provide links to their strategic plans or to their agency plans and reports pages. Agencies submit their annual and, as applicable, quarterly performance information for publication on the website through the Performance Reporting Entry Portal (PREP) System. While OMB and PIC give feedback on updates to the information or suggest changes, ultimately, the agency decides what information is published on its page.
  • General Services Administration. GSA builds the technical platform, provides project management of, and determines the business requirements and priorities.
  • Performance Improvement Council. The PIC is chaired by OMB's Deputy Director for Management and is composed of Performance Improvement Officers (PIO) from each of the 24 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act agencies as well as other PIOs and individuals designated by the Chair. The PIC facilitates the exchange of useful practices to strengthen agency performance management, such as through cross-agency working groups. The PIC is supported by an Executive Director and a team of eight full-time staff who conduct implementation planning and coordination on crosscutting performance areas. In coordination with OMB, the PIC provides several types of guidance to agencies. It also trains agency officials responsible for updating the quarterly information on and provides liaisons to answer those officials' questions.

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