Citation Edit

Telecommunications and Electric Power Interdependency Task Force (TEPITF), People and Processes: Current State of Telecommunications and Electric Power Interdependencies (Jan. 31, 2006) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This report addresses the Bush Administration's concerns that telecommunications and electric power interdependencies may create additional vulnerabilities, particularly in emergency response situations. It establishes a baseline of the current state of interdependencies between the two sectors using the people involved and the processes between them as the lens for critical evaluation.

This report presents the NS/EP concerns associated with the interdependencies of the telecommunications and electric power sectors, focusing on the current operational issues between the sectors and how the interdependencies will affect both infrastructures.

This is the first of two reports that the NSTAC is developing to address interdependencies between the two sectors. This report examines three main topics: (1) past NSTAC recommendations; (2) priority restoration; and (3) information sharing and liability.

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