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Definitions Edit

Peer production

[is] a process by which many individuals, whose actions are coordinated neither by managers nor by price signals in the market, contribute to a joint effort that effectively produces a unit of information or culture.[1]
relies on self-organizing communities of individuals who come together to produce a shared outcome. In these communities the efforts of a large number of people are coordinated to create meaningful projects.[2]

Overview Edit

"The result is commons-based production of knowledge that, while not challenging individual authorship, fundamentally alters the current system in which commercial producers and passive consumers are the primary players."[3]

Common examples are Wikipedia and Linux, a computer operating system.

References Edit

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  2. Government 2.0 Taskforce, Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0, App. C: Glossary (full-text).
  3. The Information Commons: A Public Policy Report, at 7.

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