Overview Edit

The mission of the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (PCIS) is to coordinate cross-sector initiatives that promote public and private efforts to help ensure secure, safe, and reliable critical infrastructure services.

This mission encompasses physical, cyber, and human security that rely on strong infrastructure integrity and resilience. Accordingly, the PCIS mission spans the full spectrum of critical infrastructure matters from prevention, planning, and preparedness to business continuity, mitigation, response, and recovery. PCIS focuses primarily on cross-sector policy, strategy, and interdependency issues affecting the critical infrastructure sectors.

In 2006, the National Infrastructure Protection Plan recognized the PCIS as the Private Sector Cross-Sector Council within the sector partnership framework as recommended by the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC). In this role, the PCIS works with the Government Cross-Sector Council to collaborate on high-level critical infrastructure issues.

The PCIS provides a forum to share SSPs and for representatives of the SCCs to address important cross-sector issues and coordinate the needs of owners and operators in the sector partnership framework. The PCIS coordinates with the NIAC as needed on the security of the critical infrastructure sectors and their information systems. The PCIS also coordinates with the ISAC Council on communication issues related to threat indications, vulnerabilities, and protective strategies. The PCIS uses HSIN to enable sectors to share information with other sectors as appropriate.

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