Definitions Edit

An outage(s)

  • "[is a] condition in which a user is completely deprived of service by the system.[1]
  • "are unexpected disruptions of service or decrease in quality falling below a required level. This includes all kinds of assets, even human resources. Outages may have many reasons, including, but not limited to, lack of resources, exhaustions, power surges, or human factors like absence of personnel.[2]

An outage is a

[p]eriod of time that a service, system, method or business function is expected to be unusable or inaccessible which has a high impact on the organisation, compromising the achievement of the organisation's business objectives. An outage is different to "downtime" where method or system failures happen as a part of normal operations, and where the impact merely reduces the short-term effectiveness of processes.[3]

Overview Edit

The term outage may refer to:

References Edit

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