Overview Edit

The Open Source Information System (OSIS) is

an unclassified intranet run by the intelligence community. OSIS provides for the exchange of unclassified U.S. Government information, commercial databases containing the text of articles from a wide range of periodicals and publications, and translations of a wide range of media reports in more than 70 languages. In addition to this "open source" information, OSIS provides an environment for access to some Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) information that may be of interest to the intelligence community. OSIS offers tools to assist users in analysis and graphical interpretations of data. OSIS can also provide near-real time translations of foreign language web pages. Worldwide dial-in access is provided, along with secure, encrypted email for users within the OSIS. Secure virtual private network (VPN) technology is used to provide a protected environment for intelligence community users to share unclassified data and tools, communicate with one another, and access the internet in a secure manner.[1]

Overview Edit

"OSIS does not depend solely on the public [[Internet for its functionality. However, OSIS relies on Internet architecture (including its own Domain Name System (DNS) server) and is therefore subject to vulnerabilities affecting the public Internet. Additionally, OSIS relies on a commercially provided virtual private network infrastructure for its operations. This infrastructure also supports Internet and other data traffic, as well as PSN traffic. Therefore, OSIS could be affected by a severe disruption in Internet service."[2]

References Edit

  1. Justice Information Sharing Initiatives: A White Paper Prepared for the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys by the Office of Justice Programs 12 (Oct. 2004) (full-text).
  2. Internet Report, An Examination of the NS/EP Implications of Internet Technologies, at 7.

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