Overview Edit

The Open Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance (ORDIG) was launched in September 2004 by the UNDP Asia Pacific Development Information Programme (APDIP) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada to contribute the Asia-Pacific perspective to the global discussion on internet governance.

This initiative engaged all Asia-Pacific countries and stakeholders in creating a participatory approach to address the call of the U.N. Secretary General vis-à-vis the objectives of the UN WGIG. Furthermore, the initiative developed the capacities of national policymakers on issues of Internet governance to enable more active participation in WSIS in Tunisia, and to address pressing Internet governance issues at the global level.

The overall objective of this initiative was to increase stakeholder awareness on the issues of Internet governance within the Asia-Pacific region by advancing and facilitating open dialogue, research and dissemination at the national and regional levels and providing a regional perspective on the issues in discussions at the global level, through an inclusive process that ensures representation from ICT stakeholders of various interests, including policy, technology, commerce, gender and social development.

Source Edit

  • Open Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance-Programme Statement (Sept. 2004) (full-text).

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