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Definition Edit

Open-set identification is a

biometric task that more closely follows operational biometric system conditions to: 1) determine if someone is in a database and 2) find the record of the individual in the database. This is sometimes referred to as the "watchlist" task to differentiate it from the more commonly referenced closed-set identification.[1]

Overview Edit

In open-set identification there is no guarantee that a record of the individual's biometrics is contained in the existing set of biometric within the organization's database. In order to identify the new biometric, the system must search for a match across the entire database.

Accuracy Edit

There are two measurements of accuracy for open-set identification systems:

References Edit

  1. Biometrics Identity Management Agency, Biometrics Glossary, at 30 (Ver. 5) (Oct. 2010) (full-text).

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