Definitions Edit

Data storage Edit

Online is "a storage environment that makes data available to users immediately (e.g., a spinning disk server)."[1]

Electronic money Edit

Online (also spelled on-line and on line) is

the transmission of transfer instructions by users, through such electronic means as computer-to-computer interfaces or electronic terminals, that are entered into a transfer-processing system by automated means. The term may also refer to the storage of data by a transfer-processing system on a computer database such that the user has direct access to the data (frequently in real time) through input/output devices such as terminals.[2]

General Edit

Online (also spelled on-line and on line) is

(1) Pertaining to a user's ability to interact with a computer, (2) Pertaining to a user's access to computer via terminal, (3) Pertaining to the operation of a functional unit that is under the continual control of a computer. The term 'on line' is also used to describe a user's access to a computer via a terminal.[3]
[t]he state associated with the ability to connect and communicate with other networks, systems, computers, subjects or components in real time through the Internet."[4]


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