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Definitions Edit

Data storage Edit

Offline is

{{Quote|a type of storage in which data are kept on a piece of media in a location that requires human intervention to retrieve (e.g., an LTO tape stored in a physical storage facility that must be retrieved and placed in an LTO deck before the data can be retrieved).[1]}

Electronic money Edit

Offline is a

transaction in which no direct connection is made between the device(s) involved in the transaction and a centralised computer system for the purpose of authenticating or otherwise authorising the transaction before it is executed.[2]

General Edit

Offline basically means not online. Offline refers to

[e]quipment or devices that are not in direct communication with the central processor of a computer system, or connected only intermittently.[3]


References Edit

  1. ARSC Guide to Audio Preservation, Glossary, aApp. B, at 227.
  2. Report on Electronic Money, Annex 1, Glossary, at 40.
  3. Internet Banking: Comptroller's Handbook, at 77.

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