Overview Edit

The Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce, within the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, has three teams: Electronic Commerce, Information Technology, and Telecommunications.

The Electronic Commerce team provides general trade and policy analysis and research, including analyzing foreign countries' e-commerce laws and initiatives and participating in international discussions to promote a favorable global policy environment for electronic commerce growth.

The Information Technology and Telecommunications teams actively support U.S. IT firms' efforts to expand their business opportunities overseas. As specialists in the IT and telecommunications industry, the staff counsels U.S. IT and telecommunications firms on overseas market conditions and the practical aspects of exporting IT and telecommunications products and services; identify market barriers as they affect IT and telecommunications exports; and work closely with the U.S. Trade Representative to negotiate the removal of these barriers. Export promotion activities include trade missions and technical seminars that introduce U.S. businesses to overseas IT and telecommunications end-users.

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