Overview Edit

The U.S. Social Security Administration's Office of Systems is responsible for developing, overseeing, and maintaining the agency's IT systems. The Office of Systems comprises eight component offices:

  • Office of Telecommunications and System Operations — responsible for the computer systems and networks.
  • Office of Systems Electronic Services — directs the development of software that supports electronic service-delivery initiatives.
  • Office of Applications and Supplemental Security Income Systems — responsible for most phases in the systems development life cycle for the Supplemental Security Income, Quality Assurance, Customer Help Information, and Representative Payee programs.
  • Office of Retirement and Survivors Insurance Systems — responsible for programmatic and management information systems for these systems as well as for the Disability Insurance program.
  • Office of Earnings, Enumeration and Administrative Systems — designs, develops, and maintains SSA's earnings, enumeration, and administrative systems.
  • Office of Disability Systems — develops, implements, and maintains electronic systems to support disability programs.
  • Office of Enterprise Support, Architecture, and Engineering — identifies the strategic IT resources needed to support SSA business processes and operations.
  • Office of Information Security — manages and directs SSA's overall information systems security program.

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