Overview Edit

The Government Accountability Office's Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is a specialized unit within the GAO created to meet the Congress' need for quick, focused responses to questions and issues of criminal activity, fraud, and abuse. Staffed with senior criminal investigators, its primary mission is to identify and investigate potential fraud, criminal misconduct, and serious wrongdoing involving federal funds, programs, and activities.

OSI has two special publications created as a service to the investigative and law enforcement communities. The first publication, Investigators' Guide to Sources of Information (GAO/OSI-97-2) is intended to be a resource for investigators in identifying information sources concerning people, property, business, and finance. The most recent version of the guide was published in April 1997.

The second publication, Electronic Law Enforcement: Introduction to Investigations in an Electronic Environment (GAO-01-121G) is a reference tool restricted for use by the federal law enforcement community because it contains sensitive law enforcement information. The guide discusses the various tools, resources, and strategies available for use when investigators encounter electronic or digital evidence.

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