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Overview Edit

The Office of Intelligence Resources (INR/IRE), within the U.S. State Department, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, coordinates actions within the Department, with other agencies, and with U.S. missions abroad on U.S. technical intelligence programs, operations, policies, and relations with foreign technical services. INR/IRE provides support and expertise to INR analysts and Department policymakers on tasking technical intelligence systems and coordinating the release of information to foreign governments.

INR/IRE develops and represents the Department’s intelligence information needs in interagency forums concerned with requirements, collection, evaluations, and future architectures in signals, imagery, and measurement and signatures intelligence, as well as open source information. The Office also provides staff support to INR principals for their participation in interagency mechanisms dealing with intelligence collection, prioritization, and resource issues. INR/IRE also serves as the Executive Secretariat for the State Intelligence Policy Board.

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