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The Office of Information Management (OIM) resides within the Food and Drug Administration's FDA Office of Operations and is headed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO reports to the agency's Chief Operating Officer.[1] As head of OIM, the CIO is responsible for managing IT, creating a foundation to enhance the interoperability of systems, and managing more than 400 staff assigned to this office.

The OIM was formed in 2008 as part of FDA's efforts to transition the management of IT from individual components (i.e., the various centers and Office of Regulatory Affairs) to a centralized office within the agency. The OIM is composed of five divisions: Business Partnership and Support, Systems Management, Infrastructure Operations, Technology, and Chief Information Officer Support. It is responsible for managing IT and other related services enterprisewide. This includes

References Edit

  1. The CIO has a dual role and is also the "Chief Scientist of Informatics."

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