Overview Edit

The General Services Administration's Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies is the focal point for data, information and services offered by the federal government to citizens. In addition, it plays a leadership role in identifying and applying new technologies to effective government operations and excellence in customer service in the government.

Office of Citizen Services Edit

The Office of Citizen Services' primary goal is to ensure that the public has a unified experience when accessing information from the government from the web ( and, in print, and over the telephone. This includes new delivery channels such as social media as well as new technology such as smartphone. It works closely with other government agencies — federal, state, local, and international — to collect and consolidate information and make it available to the public and share experiences that lead to better solutions. We also lead several interagency groups to share best practices and develop strategies for improving the way the U.S. government provide services to the American public.

Office of Innovative Technologies Edit

The Office of Innovative Technologies focuses on initiatives that enable agencies to deliver most effective and efficient services to citizens, information technology initiatives that advance the President’s technology agenda, including e-Government initiatives and cloud computing initiatives under the Federal Cloud Computing Program Management Office (PMO).

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