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Definitions Edit

Computing Edit

An object is

[a] self-contained entity that contains its own data and the functions necessary to manipulate the data.[1]
[a] passive information system-related entity containing or receiving information.[2]

Examples of objects are: records, blocks, files, programs, video displays, printers, network nodes, etc.[3]

Data Edit

An object is "a passive entity that contains or receives information."[4]

Internet Edit

An object can be an HTML page, a graphics file, a music file, and so forth.

Overview Edit

General Edit

"Access to an object potentially implies access to the information it contains. Examples of objects are: records, blocks, pages, segments, files, directories, directory trees, and programs, as well as bits, bytes, words, fields, processors, video displays, keyboards, clocks, printers, and network nodes."[5]

Internet of Things Edit

"Objects can be classified as follows.

Objects have the following characteristics.

  • Ability to sense and/or actuate
  • Small (or not necessarily)
  • Limited capability (or not necessarily)
  • Energy/power limited
  • Connected to physical world
  • Intermittent connectivity
  • Mobile (potentially)
  • Of interest to people
  • Managed by devices, not people."[6]

References Edit

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See also Edit

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