Citation Edit

Office of Management and Budget, Improving Information Technology (IT) Project Planning and Execution (OMB Memorandum M-05-23) (Aug. 4, 2005) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This memorandum outlines steps agencies must take for all new major IT projects, ongoing major IT developmental projects, and high risk projects to better ensure improved execution and performance as well as promote more effective oversight. Specifically, the memorandum describes procedures regarding the following principles:

  • Establishing and validating performance measurement baselines with clear cost, schedule and performance goals;
  • Managing and measuring projects to within ten percent of baseline goals through use of an EVMS compliant with the guidelines in ANSI/EIA STD-748 or, for steady-state projects, perform operational analysis;
  • Assigning to each project a qualified project manager; and
  • Avoiding duplication by leveraging inter-agency and government-wide investments to support common missions or other common requirements.

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