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Citation Edit

OMB Memorandum M-01-28, Citizen-Centered E-Government: Developing the Action Plan (July 18, 2001) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This Memorandum described the President's plan to establish a task force to begin implementing the President's e-Government initiatives to reform the Government so that it is "citizen-centered." The task force was to identify priority actions to achieve strategic improvements in four areas of service:

  • Service to individuals: deploy easy-to-find, one-stop shops for citizens, including single points of easy entry to access high-quality government services;
  • Service to businesses: reduce burden on businesses by using Internet protocols and consolidating the myriad of redundant reporting requirements;
  • Intergovernmental affairs: make it easier for States to meet reporting requirements, while enabling better performance measurement and results, especially for grants; and
  • Internal efficiency and effectiveness: improve the performance and reduce costs of Federal government administration by using e-business best practices in areas such as supply chain management, financial management, and knowledge management.

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