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Office of Management and Budget, Security of Federal Automated Information Systems (OMB Circular No. A-71) (July 27, 1978).

Overview Edit

On July 27, 1978, the Office of Management and Budget issued to all agency heads the Transmittal Memorandum No. 1 — "OMB Circular No. A-71" on "Security of Federal Automated Information Systems." This memorandum presented a comprehensive policy regarding establishment of computer security programs in all non-defense computer centers. It contained a procedure for adopting security standards, a requirement for security in all hardware and software procurements, plus guidance on conducting risk analyses, performing security audits, developing contingency plans, and establishing personnel security policies.

Various roles for the National Bureau of Standards, General Services Administration, and Civil Service Commission were specified. This memorandum was a significant milestone for computer security in the federal government.

This Circular was rescinded by OMB Circular No. A-130.

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