Overview Edit

The OECD Work on Digital Content is being performed by the OECD Working Party on the Information Economy (WPIE). This work recognizes that the rapid development of high-quality "always on" broadband Internet services is transforming high-growth industries that provide or have the potential to provide digital content.

Specifically, this work includes stocktaking studies in the following areas: scientific publishing, music, online computer games, mobile content, user-created content, digital content and the evolution of the film and video industries and public sector information and content.

Work focuses on the changing value chain of these content industries, the development of new business models for digital content (generation of new revenue streams), drivers and barriers to growth, sectoral transformation and changing market structures, and their impacts on growth and employment. The studies are designed to identify analytical, policy and measurement issues.

As part of this work the OECD has published a study on Digital Content Strategies and Policies which identifies and discusses a cluster of six business and public policy challenges. Pointers to future work in the area of digital content can be found in the summary of main issues raised during the Future Digital Economy: Digital Content Creation, Distribution and Access.

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