Overview Edit

Launched in 2002, the OECD Privacy Policy Statement Generator was an educational Internet technology tool which provided organisations with support and guidance in developing policies and practices consistent with the OECD Privacy Guidelines. In particular, the generator was designed to assist organisations in developing privacy policies and statements for display on their Web sites.

The Privacy Generator provided a means by which organisations could review their current privacy practices through use of a questionnaire about the practices followed by the organisation. A draft policy statement was then created by the generator which provides an indication of the extent to which the organisation's practices adhere to the OECD Privacy Guidelines. The draft statement provided a basis which could be corrected or expanded as needed to accurately reflect the privacy practices of the organisation as part of the process by which a definitive policy statement may be prepared. The generator could be adapted so that it also relates to issues of concern in particular OECD member countries. It also offered links to relevant government and private sector organisations.

After more than 10 years, the technology on which the Statement Generator was built has evolved, and the generator itself was retired.

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