Citation Edit

OECD Guidelines for Protecting Consumers from Fraudulent and Deceptive Commercial Practices Across Borders (C(2003)116) (2003) (full-text).

Overview Edit

These Guidelines set forth broad principles for international co-operation and specific provisions covering notification, information sharing, and assistance with investigations to protect consumers against the growing problem of cross-border fraud, particularly on the Internet. They also cover issues regarding the authority of consumer protection enforcement agencies, invite private-sector co-operation, and set the stage for future work on the issue of consumer redress.

Recommendations Edit

The Guidelines recommend that Member States:

  • Establish a domestic system for combating cross-border fraudulent and deceptive commercial practices against consumers.
  • Enhance notification, information sharing, and investigative assistance.
  • Improve the ability to protect foreign consumers from domestic businesses engaged in fraudulent and deceptive commercial practices.
  • Improve the ability to protect domestic consumers from foreign businesses engaged in fraudulent and deceptive commercial practices.
  • Consider how to ensure effective redress for victimized consumers, and
  • Co-operate with relevant private sector entities.

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