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A non-disclosure clause is a clause within an agreement that set forth the obligations of one or more parties regarding the maintenance and/or disclosure of confidential information of the other party(ies).

Sample clause Edit

In the performance of this Agreement or in contemplation thereof, each party and its employees and agents may have access to private or confidential information owned or controlled by the other party relating to equipment, apparatus, programs, software, plans, drawings, specifications and other data (hereinafter ‘Information’), and the Information may contain proprietary details and disclosures. All Information supplied by one party to the other which is clearly marked ‘Proprietary’, or which is Licensed Software, or which is derived therefrom (collectively, ‘Proprietary Information’) shall remain the exclusive property of the party supplying same. The receiving party shall use a reasonable degree of care, which in any event shall not be less than the same degree of care which the receiving party uses to protect its own proprietary and confidential information, to keep, and have its employees and agents keep, confidential any and all Proprietary Information. In keeping therewith, the recipient shall not copy or publish or disclose the Proprietary Information to others, or authorize its employees, or agents or anyone else to copy, publish or disclose it to others, without the disclosing party’s written approval, nor shall the receiving party make use of the Proprietary Information except for the purposes of executing its obligations hereunder, and shall return the Proprietary Information to the disclosing party at its request. These nondisclosure obligations will not apply to Proprietary Information which: (a) becomes generally known to the public by publication or by any means other than a breach of duty on the party of the recipient hereunder; (b) is information previously known to the recipient; (c) is information independently developed by or for the recipient; or (d) is information released by the owning party without restriction or released pursuant to a judicial or governmental decree.

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