Overview Edit

The purpose of the Non-Federal Entity Data System (NEDS) is to have available to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the border data related to certain border crossing travel documents. This information may be provided by U.S. States, Native American Tribes, Canadian Provinces and Territories, and other non-Federal Governmental Authorities.

This data enables a CBP officer to quickly access a traveler's biographic information and photograph, when the traveler presents his or her border crossing travel document, to validate the authenticity of the travel document. Certain non-federal governmental authorities choose to provide CBP with a copy of information derived from their Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) (or other traveler document) database, that denotes identity and citizenship, and can be used by CBP to validate the travel document. The datasets from each issuing authority will be kept separately such that information from one issuing authority is not commingled with another's information.

Source Edit

Federal Entity Data System, Systems of Records 73 Fed. Reg. 43462-43465 (July 25, 2008) (full-text).

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