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At the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) XXVII Meeting held on May 19, 2004, the NSTAC Principals requested that a task force be created to address how the Government can meet national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) requirements and address emerging threats on the next generation networks (NGN).

The Next Generation Networks Task Force (NGNTF) was created to:

(1) Agree upon a high-level description of the NGN's expected network environment or ecosystem, and its interdependencies, on which NS/EP applications will rely;
(2) Identify NS/EP user requirements for the NGN; outline how these user requirements will be met both in a mature NGN and in the transition phase; describe how end-to-end services will be provisioned; and explain how the interfaces and accountability among network participants and network layers will work; and
(3) Examine relevant user scenarios and expected cyber threats, and recommend optimal strategies to meet NS/EP user requirements.

The NGNTF worked extensively on these taskings, sponsoring two formal Subject Matter Experts (SME) Meetings and creating working groups to address each issue thoroughly with deep SME involvement. Ultimately, the NGNTF issued a report titled "National Strategy for Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets". The report set forth nine recommendations, the implementation of which would support the ability of the NGN to meet NS/EP functional requirements while also providing greater capabilities to NS/EP users.

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