Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, Next Generation Jammer: DOD Should Continue to Assess Potential Duplication and Overlap As Program Moves Forward (GAO-13-642) (Aug. 20, 2013) (full-text).

Overview Edit

At an estimated cost of over $7 billion, the Navy's Next Generation Jammer program represents a significant investment in airborne electronic attack capabilities. Jammers, like the planned NGJ, fly on aircraft, such as Navy EA-18Gs, and transmit electronic signals that can neutralize or temporarily degrade enemy air defenses and communications, thus aiding combat aircraft and ground forces' freedom to maneuver and strike.

Senate Report 112-196 mandated the GAO to review the NGJ program and potential duplication. This report examines the extent to which (1) DOD assessed whether there is duplication among NGJ, existing capabilities, and other acquisition programs, and (2) NGJ is being managed as a joint solution. The GAO reviewed key NGJ requirements and acquisition documents and DOD and military service documents describing airborne electronic attack capabilities.

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