Definition Edit

Next Generation 911 (NG911) is an

emergency response system that integrates the core functionalities of the E911 system and also supports multimedia communications (such as texting, e-mail, and video) to the PSAP and to emergency personnel on the ground.[1]

Overview Edit

NG911 has greater scalability and flexibility than the traditional 911 system. NG911 also increases public and responder safety through interconnectivity and interoperability. With IP-enabled 911, the physical location of a PSAP becomes immaterial. IP-enabled technology allows callers to reach 911 call takers, regardless of the PSAP location or virtual location. It allows PSAPs to transfer and share information with other call centers or response agencies more quickly and with greater accuracy, regardless of location, and to deliver access to crucial data at a level unavailable under the traditional 911 system.

Public safety entities are undergoing the process of implementing NG 911 to, among other things, improve their capabilities to communicate with callers, increase resiliency of their 911 operations, and enhance information sharing among first responders. NG 911 is expected to use Internet protocol- based, broadband technology that is capable of carrying voice plus large amounts of varying types of data, such as instant messaging, wireline calls, VoIP calls, photographs, live video feeds from an emergency scene, and “telematics” (such as advanced automatic crash notification data collected from the vehicle’s computer system).5 Some states have implemented NG 911 functionality in selected PSAPs in order to ascertain technology requirements and cybersecurity implications with the intention of using multiple releases to eventually move to full NG 911 capability. For example, in 2011, California began conducting multiple pilots to evaluate different technology platforms for its NG 911 operations such as hosted or cloud-based technology.6 In 2012, Vermont completed a 6- month pilot accepting text messages in lieu of voice 911 calls from a wireless carrier. Vermont has also implemented a statewide 911 system that transmits 911 calls to PSAPs using VoIP for its emergency services network.

References Edit

  1. Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan, at 352.

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