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A network attack (NetA) is

the employment of network-based capabilities to destroy, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp information resident in or transiting through networks. Networks include telephony and data services networks.[1]

Overview Edit

"NetA can be used to deny, delay, or degrade information resident in networks, processes dependent on those networks, or the networks themselves. A primary effect is to influence the adversary commander’s decisions. NetA can contribute effects in support of all air and space power functions. One example of NetA includes actions taken to reduce an adversary’s effectiveness by denying the adversary use of their networks by affecting the ability of the network to perform its designated mission. NetA may support deception operations against an adversary by deleting or distorting information stored on, processed by, or transmitted by network devices.

Psychological operations can be performed using NetA to target and disseminate selected information to target audiences. NetA can also offer the commander the ability to incapacitate an adversary while reducing exposure of friendly forces, reducing collateral damage, and saving conventional sorties for other targets. Network attack, like all other information operations, is most effective and efficient when combined with other air and space operations. Certain aspects of electronic warfare operations overlap NetA and should be coordinated. An example of this is where concurrent physical attack integrated with NetA can protect our operations and technology, while exploiting adversarial vulnerabilities."[2]

References Edit

  1. Broad Agency Announcement (BAA ESC 07-0001) on Network Warfare Operations Capabilities (NWOC): Technology Concept Demonstrations (May 31, 2007).
  2. Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5, Information Operations 20 (Jan. 11, 2005) (full-text).

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