Overview Edit

The Network Operations Center (NOC) serves as the U.S. hub for domestic incident management operational coordination and situational awareness. The NOC is a standing interagency organization that operates on a 24/7 basis, fusing law enforcement, national intelligence, emergency response, and private sector reporting. The NOC facilitates homeland security information-sharing and operational coordination among Federal, State, local, tribal, and private sector partners, as well as select members of the international community. As such, it is at the center of the NIPP information-sharing network.

The NOC information-sharing and coordination functions include:

  • Information Collection and Analysis: The NOC maintains national-level situational awareness and provides a centralized, real-time flow of information. An NOC common operating picture is generated using data collected from across the country to provide a broad view of the nation’s current overall risk and preparedness status. Using the common operating picture, NOC personnel, in coordination with the FBI and other agencies, as appropriate, perform initial assessments to gauge the terrorism nexus and track actions taking place across the country in response to a threat, natural disaster, or accident. The information compiled by the NOC is distributed to partners, as appropriate, and is accessible to affected CIKR partners through the HSIN.
  • Situational Awareness and Incident Response Coordination: The NOC provides the all-hazards information needed to help make decisions and define courses of action.
  • Threat Warning Products: DHS jointly reviews threat information with the FBI, the Intelligence Community, and other Federal departments and agencies on a continuous basis. When a threat is determined to be credible and actionable, DHS is responsible for coordinating with these Federal partners in the development and dissemination of threat warning products. This coordination ensures, to the greatest extent possible, the accuracy and timeliness of the information, as well as concurrence by Federal partners.

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