Definition Edit

Network Centric Warfare (NCW) is

an information superiority enabled concept of operations that generates increased combat power by networking sensors, decision makers, and shooters to achieve shared awareness, increased speed of command, higher tempo of operations, greater lethality, increased survivability, and a degree of self synchronization. In essence, NCW translates information superiority into combat power by effectively linking knowledgeable entities in the battlespace.[1]

Overview Edit

"NCW is essentially about information. The power of NCW depends on the collection, processing, and dissemination of actionable information. It relies on an extremely complex network of interoperable subnets and systems, working as they are expected to in order to meet its potential. Large networks are theoretically fairly robust; however, nodes that are both unique and critical can be highly lucrative targets. In the case of NCW, a potential adversary might attempt to work against any or all of the three NCW grids (sensor, information, and engagement), the connectivity that binds them together, or the information technology that underpins them all."[2]

References Edit

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  2. H. Kamradt & D. MacDonald, "The Implications of Network-centric Warfare for United States and Multinational Military Operations" 24 (Decision Support Department Occasional Paper 98-1) (U.S. Naval War College, Center For Naval Warfare Studies 1998) (full-text).

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