Definition Edit

Netwar is

societal-level ideational conflicts waged in part through internetted modes of communication.[1]

Overview Edit

"Netwar refers to information-related conflict at a grand level between nations or societies. It means trying to disrupt, damage, or modify what a target population 'knows' or thinks it knows about itself and the world around it. A netwar may focus on public or elite opinion, or both. It may involve public diplomacy measures, propaganda and psychological campaigns, political and cultural subversion, deception of or interference with local media, infiltration of computer networks and databases, and efforts to promote a dissident or opposition movements across computer networks. Thus designing a strategy for netwar may mean grouping together from a new perspective a number of measures that have been used before but were viewed separately.

In other words, netwar represents a new entry on the spectrum of conflict that spans economic, political, and social as well as military forms of 'war.'" . . . Like other forms on this spectrum, netwars would be largely non-military, but they could have dimensions that overlap into military war.[2]

References Edit

  1. Cyberwar is Coming!, at 28.
  2. Id.

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