Definition Edit

A negative identification system is

designed to ensure that a person’s biometric information is not present in a database. The anticipated result of a search is a non-match. Comparing a person’s biometric information against a database of all who are registered in a public benefits program, for example, can ensure that this person is not "double dipping" by using fraudulent documentation to register under multiple identities.

Another type of negative identification system is a surveillance system that uses a watch list. Such systems are designed to identify people on the watch list and alert authorities for appropriate action. For all other people, the system is to check that they are not on the watch list and allow them normal passage. The people whose biometrics are in the database in these systems may not have provided them voluntarily. For instance, for a surveillance system, the biometrics may be faces captured from mug shots provided by a law enforcement agency.[1]

References Edit

  1. Information Security: Challenges in Using Biometrics, at 5.

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