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Definitions Edit

A national security position

[is a] [d]esignation of a position at a national security sensitivity level (Special Sensitive, Critical Sensitive, or Non-Critical Sensitive) based on the degree of damage that an individual, by virtue of the occupancy of the position, could do to national security. Designations are assigned to ensure appropriate screening under Executive Order 10450 and Executive Order 12968.[1]
(a)(1) Those positions that involve activities of the Government that are concerned with the protection of the nation from foreign aggression or espionage, including development of defense plans or policies, intelligence or counterintelligence activities, and related activities concerned with the preservation of the military strength of the United States; and
(a)(2) Positions that require regular use of, or access to, classified information. Procedures and guidance provided in OPM issuances apply.
(b) The requirements of this part apply to competitive service positions, and to Senior Executive Service positions filled by career appointment, within the Executive Branch, and agencies may apply them to excepted service positions within the Executive Branch.[2]

References Edit

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  2. 5 C.F.R. § 732.102.

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