Definition Edit

National cyber security is

[t]he focused application of specific governmental levers and information assurance principles to public, private and relevant international ICT systems, and their associated content, where these systems directly pertain to national security.[1]

Overview Edit

"There is little question that the advent of the internet is having a decisive influence on how national security is being defined. Nations are increasingly facing the twin tensions of how to expedite the economic benefits of ICT and the internet-based economy while at the same time protecting intellectual property, securing critical infrastructure and providing for national security. Most nations' electronic defences have been punctured and the potential costs of these activities are considerable. More than one hundred nations have some type of governmental cyber capability and at least fifty of them have published some form of a cyber strategy defining what security means to their future national and economic security initiatives. There can be little doubt, therefore, that countries have an urgent need to address cyber security on a national level. The question is how this need is being formulated and addressed."[2]

References Edit

  1. National Cyber Security Framework Manual, at xvi.
  2. Id. at 1.

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