Overview Edit

The National Wireless Initiative, announced by the Obama Administration on February 10, 2011, will make high-speed wireless services available to at least 98% of Americans. The availability of new wireless broadband services will allow more citizens to use the Internet to learn, work and play — regardless of where they live. One aspect of the President’s plan is to make some 500 Mhz of spectrum available for enhanced cell phones and other wireless services — including dedicated public safety networks — over the next ten years. The plan also supports advances in security, reliability and other critical features by investing in research and development in wireless technology. And through the auctioning of airwave space to companies that will develop the next generation of wireless services, the initiative will further R&D investments.

External link Edit

  • The White House, "President Obama Details Plan to Win the Future through Expanded Wireless Access" (Feb. 10, 2011) (full-text).

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