Overview Edit

The National Security Space Architect (NSSA) develops, coordinates, and integrates mid- and long-term space architectures across the range of DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) mission areas. The NSSA also has responsibilty to:

  • Integrate requirements into future space system architectures to include the space, ground, and communication link segments, as well as user interfaces and equipment.
  • Develops transition strategies for future space architectures and support future DoD and IC overarching missions and activities.
  • Maintains, disseminates, and further develops as necessary the National Security Space Master Plan (NSSMP).
  • Manage core capabilities and facilities for the Office of the NSSA (ONSSA) activities.
  • Advise the ASC (C3I), DDCI/CM, and their staffs of appropriate inputs to budget and other guidance documents.
  • Responsible for the functions previously performed by the Office of the DoD Space Architect.

Source Edit

  • National Security Space Architect (NSSA) (full-text).

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