Overview Edit

The role of the Australian National Security Chief Information Officer (NSCIO) is to provide strategic direction and coordination for information sharing across the national security community. This includes breaking down cultural, administrative and technical barriers to information sharing within and between Governments — including overseas allies and States and Territories — and also the private sector, as well as harmonizing the broad policy, governance and legislative arrangements currently in place so as to improve interoperability and collaboration, and provide oversight of the national security information management environment.

In September 2010, the government designated the NSCIO with the complementary responsibility of Cyber Policy Coordinator (CPC). It is now known as the Office of the NSCIO/CPC.

Source Edit

  • Australian Government, The National Security and International Policy Group Executive (full-text).

External resourcesEdit

  • NSCIO, National Security Chief Information Office Vision (full-text).
  • NSCIO's five point strategy to help develop a more coordinated and effective national security information management environment (full-text).

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