Overview Edit

The National Military Joint Intelligence Center (NMJIC) is the focal point for all defense intelligence activities in support of joint operations. The NMJIC is comprised of regional analysts, target analysts, operational specialists, terrorism analysts, warning intelligence officers, and collection managers from the Joint Staff J-2.

The mission of the NMJIC is to provide defense intelligence support and the earliest possible warning on developing situations which may threaten U.S. interests for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), Joint Staff, combatant commanders (through their JIC or equivalent), and Military Service secretaries and chiefs during peace, crisis, and war.

It is the permanent DOD Crisis Intelligence and I&W Center. The NMJIC orchestrates the responsiveness of all national sensors and collection assets to ensure complete, mutually supportive target coverage and immediate reporting of events. It supports the combatant commands and their subordinate joint forces in exercising their wartime missions and maintains an operational link with deployed NISTs to facilitate national support during crises. As the DOD focal point for crisis intelligence, the NMJIC draws upon its centralized “all-Service, all-agency, all-source” resources and capabilities.

Moreover, the NMJIC is recognized as the national focus for military intelligence issues for the entire Intelligence Community, with particular emphasis on crisis management and operations. The mission of the NMJIC includes providing intelligence support to selected multinational organizations in situations where there is an imminent threat to the life and safety of multinational personnel worldwide, and in other prescribed situations as directed by appropriate authority. The NMJIC is also the focal point within the IC for military intelligence support to selected peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, and to civilian agencies involved in emergency and disaster relief operations.

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