Definition Edit

The National Military Command System (NMCS) is

[t]he priority component of the Global Command and Control System designed to support the President, Secretary of Defense, and Joint Chiefs of Staff in the exercise of their responsibilities.[1]

Overview Edit

"The NMCS is the priority component of the GIG designed to support the President, SecDef, and the JCS in the exercise of their responsibilities. The NMCS provides the means by which the President and SecDef can receive warning and intelligence so that accurate and timely decisions can be made, the resources of the Services can be applied, military missions can be assigned, and direction can be communicated to CCDRs or the commanders of other commands. Both the communication of warning and intelligence from all sources and the communication of decisions and commands to military forces require that the NMCS be a responsive, reliable, and survivable system. An enduring command structure with survivable GIG systems is both required and fundamental to NMCS continuity of operations."[2]

References Edit

  1. Joint Publication 6-0, at GL-10.
  2. Id. at V-1.

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