Overview Edit

The PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008, requires the Attorney General to develop a National Internet Crimes Against Children Data System (NIDS), an online data system that is to include information-sharing capacity, case deconfliction, and other capabilities. According to the Act, the purpose and intent of NIDS, among other things, is to create a deconfliction system for ICAC task forces, as well as for federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies that investigate and prosecute child exploitation crimes.

The planned deconfliction component is to allow authorized law enforcement agencies to access NIDS and contribute information to resolve conflicts in online child pornography investigations. DOJ officials overseeing the development of NIDS reported that NIDS is intended to address the known deconfliction limitations of existing investigative systems, such as reporting partial or fragmented case information, as well as the lack of data sharing among various law enforcement entities due to system integration. NIDS is also to incorporate new and emerging technologies, rather than being based solely on existing investigative systems.

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