Overview Edit

The FBI National Information Sharing Strategy (NISS) provides the foundation to shape and implement information sharing initiatives with the FBI’s mission partners, including federal agencies, state, local, and tribal officials, foreign government counterparts, and private sector stakeholders.

The NISS ensures coordination of FBI initiatives that emphasize the collection and dissemination of intelligence to meet national security and law enforcement needs. The NISS has three goals:

  1. reinforce the emerging culture of information sharing by emphasizing the benefits of active information and knowledge exchange
  2. make information sharing easier through the focused use of information technology and policy, and
  3. make information sharing more effective.

These goals must always be balanced against preservation of privacy and civil liberties.

The NISS is augmented by the Chief Information Sharing Officer (CISO) annual Information Sharing Report, which provides a comprehensive view of the FBI’s information sharing activities.

Source Edit

  • FBI, National Information Sharing Strategy 2011 (2011) (full-text).

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