Overview Edit

United Kingdom Edit

The National Information Assurance Strategy (NIAS) outlines an approach for the UK in adopting information risk management by ensuring the right level of: professionalism, education and training; availability of IA products and services as well as compliance and adoption of standards. The Strategy aims to ensure that:

  • Government is better able to deliver public services through the appropriate use of ICT;
  • The UK's national security is strengthened by protecting information and ICT at risk of compromise;
  • The UK's economic and social well-being is enhanced as government, businesses and citizens realize the full benefits of ICT.

United States Edit

The National Information Assurance Strategy (NIAS) was formed to encourage mutual cooperation and acceptance of common objectives. This strategy, built upon the following five cornerstones, articulated the information assurance (IA) pillar concepts into a national framework that unified the U.S. Government's IA efforts:

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