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Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), National Government Information Sharing Strategy: Unlocking Government Information Assets to Benefit the Broader Community (Aug. 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The National Government Information Sharing Strategy was commissioned by the Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) Online and Communications Council (OCC) in July 2007. It was developed by the Cross Jurisdictional Chief Information Officer Committee (CJCIOC) with the Department of Finance and Deregulation through the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), acting as the lead jurisdiction in the development of this national strategy.

It offers the opportunity to improve the delivery of services to the Australian community by providing a standardized approach to information sharing between jurisdictions and government agencies. It is to provide:

a standardised approach to information sharing to support the delivery of government services to the Australian community. The expectation is that the national strategy can be used by all portfolio areas at all levels of government.[1]

The primary focus of the NGISS is providing a foundation for information sharing between all levels of Australian government (federal, state, and local).

  • It is expected that this will be achieved by identifying the best practices, policies, tools, advice, and making this available to all Australian governments.
  • Government expects it will realize improvements in service delivery to its customers, citizens, businesses and communities, by providing a consistent and coherent foundation for information sharing.

The secondary focus of the NGISS is to provide strategic intelligence to government to support effective, evidence-based decision-making.

References Edit

  1. Online and Communications Council (June 2007).

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